Updating Metal Stars

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Using southern blenders metallic paints and powers

I’ve had a few of these metal stars hanging up on the wall for a while now.  They have seen better days and to be honest I’m sick of looking at the zebra stripes.  So when Sarina of Pixie Dust Paint Co/Southern Blenders sent me a box full of goodies I decided to try them out on these outdated stars.

Pixie Dust Paint Co and Southern Blenders sent me some pretty cool stuff.  I got a sneak peek at their new metallic paints, Pixie Texture and the new metallic gilding waxes.

I mean look at those, pretty amazing!  Those are the new metallic paints in Copper Nails, Temple Gold and Black Dragon.  I started with Copper Nails.

I painted all the high spots before moving onto Black Dragon and doing a little blending and layering.

Once I let that dry all the way I grabbed some Unicorn SPiT colored gel stains in Zia Teal and Dragon’s Belly.  I mixed just a tad bit of Dragon’s Belly into Zia Teal to get a good patina color for the star.

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty good with mixing colors.   I’ve had years and years of mistakes to learn from about color mixing. If you’re not, there are a lot of tools online to help.  The Custom Color Mixer online is an awesome tool to help you with mixing and matching colors.

Once my Unicorn SPiT had enough time to dry I took a damp paper towel to gently wipe off the color from the raised details.

I then decided to add some highlights with Southern Blenders gilding powders.  I use an old makeup brush to apply them or just rub it on with my finger.

Once I had the details highlighted I used a lint free rag to gently dust off any excess.  Then I moved onto to the next one.

This star had a horrible old crackle finish that I just hated.  So the first thing to do was mix up some Pixie Texture with Unicorn SPiT in White Ning with just a drop of Lemon Kiss and Rustic Reality.

Once I had covered the entire star with the Pixie Texture and let it dry, I grabbed the set of metallic gilding waxes.  I layered each color and blended lightly over the entire surface, then lightly buffed with a clean rag.

You can see by the close up photos the texture and various colors turned out amazing.  It was now time to move onto the last star.  The ugly black star with cut outs.

This first thing was to lightly sand the entire surface.  Then using Pixie Texture again and Unicorn SPiT in Rustic Reality, I painted the entire star with two coats.  Once it was dry I used a bit of Unicorn SPiT Tuscan, Molly Red Pepper and Squirrel to give a rusted look.  Once that was dry I highlighted the raised areas with Southern Blenders metallic powders in River Rock and Copper.

Now that I had updated them with a new look I love, I got busy hanging them up.

I absolutely love how they turned out and couldn’t be happier with how easy each product was to use.  If you’re looking for any of the products I used check out the list below.



Southern Blenders Gilding Powders

Southern Blenders Metallic Paints

Pixie Dust Texture

Unicorn SPiT colored gel stains


You can also visit each companies website and Facebook:

Unicorn SPiT

Unicorn SPiT Facebook

Southern Blenders Facebook

Pixie Dust Co Facebook


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