Turning Broken and Outdated to Rustic and Gorgeous

Replacing the Marble Top for the Dresser

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I never shy away from broken or damaged.  Things can always be fixed, if you’re willing to do the work.  Veneer can be patched, finishes can be repaired and marble tops can be replaced. When I found this gorgeous statement piece of a dresser I fell in love with it despite the huge crack to the marble top.

The first thing to do was remove the damaged top.  Yes, there are ways to patch cracked marble.  Do they look good, usually no and the cost to replace the top wasn’t an option with marble.  I also wanted to bring this gorgeous dresser up to date.  I decided on a rustic plank wood top and some color.  The first thing to do was remove the old top by first unscrewing it from the base and carefully prying up the few areas glued down.

I made sure to make a template of the marble top to use for the replacement.  I use large roll craft paper and trace the outline to use when cutting and routing the new top.

I wanted a farmhouse feel with a touch of upscale. I left the top a bit rough only giving it the same smooth edges/curves.

The old finish was yellow based and needed something darker.  After cleaning and lightly sanding I mixed up a stain and finish in one using Unicorn SPiT in Rustic Reality with Polyvine satin.  I did two coats and lightly sanded with 400 sand paper in between.

I let that fully dry before mixing the color I would use to layer over the new dark stain.  I wanted a blue with just a bit of a green to it.  I love Cece Caldwell Paints color Duck Blue, but it needed just a tad more on the blue side.  I grabbed Cece Caldwell Newport Navy and began mixing.

Between these two I got the perfect blue!  I did one good coat working in small areas at a time.  I didn’t let the paint fully dry before taking a damp rag to wipe back the excess on the details.

While that was drying I moved onto the top.  I had already reattached the top, routed the edges using the template and sanded roughly with 150 grit sandpaper.  Like I said, I wanted a specific look.  I wanted “romantic farmhouse” if that is even a thing. I started with Daddy Van’s wax in Cafe Noir.

I let each coat of Cafe Noir dry for a few hours in between, doing two coats and wiping off the excess.  I then added Daddy Van’s wax in Shadow Black around the edges and to highlight the top.

Once the top had dried and been lightly buffed with an old rag, I continued with Cafe Noir on the base.

I use a chip brush to get into all the details and old t-shirts to wipe off the excess.  Then using old cloth diapers to lightly buff the entire dresser to a light sheen.  This was one of the hardest to let go.  I wanted to keep it, eat dinner with it, take it to the movies as my new BFF.  I love it!

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