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I own a small business, have a family, projects, custom orders, blog and sometimes an actual personal life that all need to be organized.  I need to keep track of appointments, due dates, customers, kids schedules and I’m not a big fan of using the small screen of my smart phone to do so.  I like to make notes, keep a to-do list and lots of odds/ends that an app just doesn’t fit my needs. Plus I’m visual, I like to SEE things laid out in front of me.  I keep a notebook next to me wherever I work, be it at my desk or in the shop.  Call it old school or set in my ways, I like PAPER!  Yep, I also have a slight obsession with all things stationary/ephemera.

Happy Planner by MAMBI

I’ve used the fancy Franklin Covey and the cheap planners.  I didn’t really care for any of them.  They either were boring and looked like they belonged to a stuffy old woman or they had no way of adding/customizing sections.  I want a planner that has a monthly and weekly view, has the ability to add and remove sections but is also fun.

Classic Happy Planner by Me and My Big Ideas

So let me introduce you to my favorite, the Happy Planner!  For the last year I have used and abused this gorgeous little organization tool. I couldn’t be happier with it.  I love all the different styles it comes in, the large heavy duty plastic rings for easy adding and removing of pages/sections.  Most of all the huge selection of accessories available.

I’m a big supporter of other small businesses. When I found one that does custom layouts and stickers for the Happy Planner I was excited. Chaos and Company has some amazing stuff.  Of course the first thing I see is Harry Potter and Stranger Things!!

Of course I had to get some of those, along with a few others. Chaos and Company has provided you guys with a special promo code “JBDESIGN” for 20% off your entire purchase with no minimum.

Their shop also had a few packs specifically for bloggers that are awesome.  Blog post reminders and social media to do list are just a few of the new designs they have available.

Chaos and Company – Blogger Pack

The planner is sold in 12 or 18 month sets and new designs are released often.  Refills for a new year and add-on packs such as budget and recipes are also available.  One of the accessories I didn’t pass over was the hole punch.  This allows me to add graph paper for sketching up orders, photos and notes I need to keep.

Staedtler and Sharpie fine point are my preferred pens to use daily to avoid bleed through and nice clean printing.

Ready for the week ahead with the Chaos & CO Harry Potter set


You can find the tools and accessories from this post here:

Harry Potter, Stranger Things and Blogger Packs – Chaos & CO

Happy Planner – Michael’s 

MAMBI Paper Punch – Michael’s

Staedtler Fine Point Pens – Michael’s

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