My Daughter’s Room Makeover – Metallic Blended Dresser

Part 1

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It’s about that time where my daughter looks at me and says she wants a more “mature” bedroom.  No more pastel colors, flowers or little girl things. If you missed the start of her room transformation you can find the other posts here.

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A few years back I had taken my old dresser from when I was younger and refinished it for my daughter’s room.  It was finished in milk paint and I loved it.

Now, almost 3 years later that dresser has held up through her clay and marker phase all the way up to her makeup adventures.  Since it was in good shape I decided to refinish it again.  This time with a more big girl finish.

The first thing I had to do was strip off the old paint.  Since it’s milk paint I ordered Real Milk Paint – Milk Paint Stripper from Connie Hill of Renaissance Lady.

This comes in a powder form that is mixed into a paste with water.

Paint it on thick and let it sit for about an hour.  Then using a plastic scrapper remove the old bubbled up paint.

I’m not going to lie, stripping milk paint is a long tedious process.  It doesn’t come off as easy as other paints.  Once I had all the paint off I scrubbed the dresser down with vinegar and water.  Then I started my base color of Cece Caldwells Loomis Eggplant.

After two coats and a light sanding I pulled out my next colors.  I wanted a blended look similar to those my friend Maria Revollo does.  Using Unicorn SPiT SPARKLiNG STAiN in Ravenous Raven and Dove’s Cry and Southern Blenders Temple Gold, I started the process of painting.

I started with Dove’s Cry and doing a coat over the entire dresser.

I let that get just tacky enough to start blending in small amounts of Ravenous Raven and then Temple Gold.

Once I had the color I wanted and it had fully dried, I diluted Modern Master’s Masterclear Satin by about 10% with water and using a Preval Sprayer to spray the first coat.

Once the first coat was dry I was free to brush a few more coats by hand without the fear of smearing my water based stains. I took her old hardware and cleaned, then sprayed a coat of Plutonium Spray Paint in 1st Place.

Here it is finished and put back into her room.




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  1. Looks fantastic, can imagine it is a piece she will be handing down to her own daughter some day.
    Thanks for sharing your process.

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