How to use SVG images with the Cricut!

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DIY Custom Tumbler

If you have children like mine then you understand the “want list”. They want anything Harry Potter, Toy Story, Cars and Supernatural. Then,when your daughter is going to Florida to Harry Potter World you cringe. You can’t walk into a theme park without going into severe debt, much less purchase bottles of water all day. So when my husband saw these cheap stainless steel tumblers, I decided to make her one to take with her.

After washing the bottle with denatured alcohol to provide a clean surface for the vinyl to adhere to, I decided to make hers a little more personal. I decided to use one of the crests from the houses in Harry Potter.  Since of course my daughter is Ravenclaw all the way, that’s what I’m using.  I first used Adobe Illustrator (you can use Inkscape which is free if you don’t have Adobe) to pull my image into.  The Ravenclaw image of the crest was an Illustrator file I had used in the past and I need an .svg file to use in Cricut Design space.  In Adobe Illustrator simply use file – export – as a svg and then choose the folder to save the file to.  In Inkscape open the file and then choose file – export – inkscape svg and choose the folder to save to.  Once you have your image saved into a svg file (example myphoto.svg) you can now start the process of cutting in Design Space.  You can purchase premade svg files online or choose from designs available in the Design Space Store.

First thing you need to do is open Cricut Design Space and start a new project.  Then on the left side toolbar, hit the “Upload Images” button.  You will see two options.  The first is uploading an image to cut and the second is the option to upload a photo to use as a background or pattern filler. I’m using the first option, click “Upload Image”. A window pops up to allow you to choose your file.  You can see I have to versions (files types) of the same file, the file with the “ravenclaw.svg” name and extension is the file I’ll be choosing.

You will then be brought back to the upload screen and should see a preview of your image.  You can rename the image or keep the current name here, then hit save.

Once you’ve saved your image into Cricut Design Space you should see the image available in the bottom half of the screen and ready to be inserted into your project.

Click the image to select and then click on insert image. The image should now be in your project.  I resized my image to fit the water bottle to 3.5″ x 5″.

Once you have your image the size your wanting it’s time to start preparing your vinyl.  I did two of these bottles one with glitter and one with white vinyl.  The photos during these steps will show both.

I’m using the standard grip Cricut mat and attaching a piece of vinyl a little larger than the image size I’m cutting.

Once you have your mat ready to go, it’s time to cut. Press the green Cricut button in Cricut Design Space.

The cutting menu screen now opens. Make sure to change your material type in the “Set” section.  I’m using glitter vinyl, so my machine is set to “Custom” and my “Set” section is set to glitter vinyl. Once you have that set, your machine should start flashing the load/eject light.  Load your mat by lining up with the guides and pressing the load button.

Now that your mat with vinyl is loaded in the machine, Cricut Design Space will now allow you to cut.  The “Cricut” Go button should now be flashing on your machine.  Once you have double checked your mat, image size, material and settings you can hit the Go button that is flashing on your machine.

Your machine will now start cutting your image. Once your machine is finished cutting, hit the eject button and remove your mat/vinyl.

Now it’s time to weed (remove all the extra vinyl).  I’m using the hook and tweezers tools to gently lift off the excess.

Once you have the excess removed you’ll need transfer tape to keep the vinyl in place and neatly apply it to your surface.  For this glitter vinyl I used strong grip transfer tape, for the white I used regular.

Press down firmly on the transfer tape before flipping over and slowly removing the paper backing from the vinyl.

Now your image is ready to attach to your bottle.  Make sure you double check the center, it’s straight and then lightly attach while checking the position.  Once your position is correct, press down firmly over the entire surface of your design.  Then slowly peel back your transfer tape.

Remove the transfer tape slowly to allow yourself to be able to push back down any area that tries to lift off with the tape. Allow your vinyl to cure for 36 hours before washing or use.

All together this little tumbler cost less than $5 to make with the tumbler and vinyl and only about an hour of time start to finish.




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