Creating a Natural Wood Finish

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Refinishing an Old Wooden Sideboard

I ran across this old wooden sideboard in a flea market over in Illinois a few weeks ago and fell in love with it’s legs.  The detail alone was what grabbed me and I couldn’t pass it up.  So after loading it in the truck and bringing it home I knew I wanted to bring that detail back to life.

It had ambered over time and the finish was flaking off everywhere.  At one time someone had tried to refinish it and put several coats of cheap polyurethane on.

I began by stripping with Soy Gel Stripper.  Once generous coat is all you need of this stuff.

After letting it sit for about an hour, I scrape the stripper with a plastic putty knife and clean with mineral spirits.

Once I had it cleaned up I knew there was no way I could cover all that gorgeous detail up.  So I decided to grab one of my go-to products for natural wood, Daddy Van’s.  It just so happened that they had sent me a new product to try out which is there Cafe Noir decorative orange oil wax.  It’s a rich brown wax that still has all the awesome Daddy Van’s good stuff for wood in it. It actually moisturizes and protects, unlike typical past waxes.  It’s also solvent free, so it doesn’t give me a headache when I use it.

I tested in a small area on the back of the sideboard to see the color first.  It’s pretty awesome, just the right amount of color I needed to add to the character of this piece.

I use an old lint free rag and rub it on in a circular motion, then come back with a clean rag to wipe off the excess after a few minutes.

After two good coats I let it cure overnight and am still shocked at how amazing it looks.  I absolutely fell in love with it.

It’s probably one of my favorite pieces I’ve refinished.

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